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Conveyancing services in Port Macquarie

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Residential Conveyancing Services


Whether you’re looking to buy or sell real estate, talk to North Coast Conveyancing. We handle all aspects of residential property conveyancing and take care of the complicated legal documentation needed for a successful property transfer including title searches, land tax searches, caveats or encumbrances over the land that may affect ownership of the property.
Our service is personalised and friendly because we’re locals ourselves. We listen to what you need and can explain the complicated legal requirements involved in property law.
North Coast Conveyancing is a licensed member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (AIC), and we use PEXA to ensure a speedy outcome of your property purchase or sale.

Retirement Village Leasing


Are you thinking of moving to a retirement village? Be sure to talk to us first. A common way seniors can afford a retirement village unit is to take out a lease. These documents are different from standard conveyancing or property documents. They can often be complicated if you’re not familiar with their intricacies.
We specialise in retirement village leasing, so we can look over the contract with you to make sure you understand your entitlements. We’ve professionally advised many clients over the years and can quickly identify the key issues that will matter to you.
Retirement Village — Conveyancers in Port Macquarie, NSW
Property Inspection — Conveyancers in Port Macquarie, NSW

Property Inspections


Buying a new house is exciting, but you need to protect your investment. That means finding out as much as possible about the property you are purchasing. The saying “Caveat Emptor” or “Buyer Beware” exists for a good reason; you don’t want to buy a lemon.
We only use inspectors that carry Professional Indemnity Insurance and are experienced in property inspections.
Get in touch if you need any of the following inspections or reports:
Building Inspections:

  • Significant building defects
  • Safety hazards
  • The general condition of the property
  • Overall report on major problems
Pest Inspections:

  • Presence of termite or timber destroying pests
  • Report on past or present activity
Survey Report:

  • Location of any easements
  • Fencing irregularities
  • Encroachments
Building Certificate:

  • Provides proof of council approvals for the structures on the land
Swimming pool inspection:

  • Checks pool complies with safety codes
  • Comments made on the state of pool equipment
Geo-tech report:

  • Tests soil stability